The “International Low Carbon City, Neighbourhood, Building Academic Alliance " has been established in Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology on May 25th, 2017. And the first conference named: “The Belt and Road” IAA-LCCNB Conference" has also been held successfully in Xauat. The participants from all over the world areUniversity of Southampton, University College London, University of California at Berkeley, Norwegian University Science & Technology, Kyushu University, Politecn Milan, Paris Eastern University, the International Energy Agency, solar heating and cooling Committee and Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Southeast University, the University of Hong Kong, Nanjing University, Chinese Research Institute of building science and more than 40 well-known universities, research institutions had attended the establishment ceremony. Chief scientific adviser, royal academy of engineering, chairman of the International Committee of industry and many well-known professors had made presentations and academic reports in this conference.


IAA-LCCNB is an NPNGO, and is short for the official full name. The members of the alliance are made up by relative academic and research institutions which are working on low carbon cities, communities, and architecture to promote the academic research and technical achievement application.

The committee has announced the constitution and organizational structure, and formally published the protocol documents signed by the members of Executive Committee. Professor Jiaping Liu was elected chairman, professor AbuBakr S Bahaj,  professor Borong Lin and professor Annemie Wyckmans were elected vice-chairman, general secretary and deputy general director.

The Committee of the Alliance has sent warm invitations to the global scientific research institutions to cooperate on the platform of the alliance, in the field of low carbon city, low carbon community and building, and play a huge academic potential and social benefits together.

Alliance Executive Committee Chairman——Professor Jiaping Liu


Alliance Executive Committee Vice-Chairman——Professor AbuBakr S Bahaj


Alliance Executive Committee General Secretary —— Professor Borong Lin

Annemie Wyckmans

Deputy General Director —— Professor Annemie Wyckmans